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B.Ed M.Ed
Inviting applications tentatively in the first week of April, every year. Selection made through Entrance Test in the 2nd Week of May. Prospectus and Application Forms available on payment of Rs.400/- either in Cash or Bank Draft payable to the Principal, R.K. Sanatombi Devi College of Education, Imphal-795001, Manipur, India.

Total Intake:  150

Requisite Qualification: Minimum 45% in Graduation

Course Duration:  1 Year

Inviting applications tentatively in the 2ND  week of May, every year. Selection made through Entrance Test in the 3RD  Week of June. Prospectus and Application Forms available on payment of Rs.500/- either in Cash or Bank Draft payable to Principal, R.K. Sanatombi Devi College of Education, Imphal – 795001, Manipur, India.

Total Intake:  25

Requisite Qualification: Minimum 55% in B.Ed

Course Duration:  1 Year


CURRICULUM AND EVALUATION SCHEME:        B.Ed.                (TOTAL MARKS = 1100)

(A) Compulsory Paper:

  1. Paper I :              Teacher in Emerging Indian Society                                        (100 Marks)
  2. Paper II :             Development of Learner and Teaching-Learning Process(100 Marks)
  3. Paper III :           Development of Educational System in India                       (100 Marks)
  4. Paper IV :           Essential of Educational Technology and Management     (100 Marks)

(B) Optional Papers: Paper V & VI – Methodology of Teaching                                100 X 2 Marks

Any two methods of the following :

v  Methods of teaching physical and biological science

v  Methods of teaching social sciences

v  Methods of teaching Mathematics

v  Methods of teaching languages

(C) SPECIAL PAPER (ELECTIVE COURSE – SPECIALISATION)                        100 Marks

Any one subject as specialization:

v  Elementary Education

v  Population Education

v  Environmental Education

v  Alternative Education

v  Educational Administration and Management

v  Educational & Mental Measurement

v  Career Information in Career Guidance

v  Teaching of Values

v  Art Education

(D) Field-Based Experiences Including Practice Teaching :                                           300 Marks

(E) Co-curricular Activities -                                                                                                      100 Marks

Work Experience, Health & Physical Education, Creative Education (Literary and Artistic Activities)


CURRICULUM AND EVALUATION SCHEME:        M.Ed.                                (TOTAL MARKS= 800)

(A)  Compulsory Papers:                                                        External            Internal        Total Marks

a)          Paper I Philosophical & Sociological                75                25                        100

Foundation of Education

b)            Paper II Psychological Foundation of                75                25                      100


c)            Paper III  Methodology of Educational                75              25                      100

Research & Statistics

d)            Paper IV  Teacher Education and Methods        75                25                    100

of  Teaching

(B)  Optional Papers of Specialization : (Paper V & VI)

Any two subjects of the following :              75X2=150                 25X2=50         200

a)        Alternative Education   b) Distance Education   c) Curriculum Development
d) Educational Measurement and Evaluation  e)Management, Planning and Financing of   Education  f) Comparative Education  g) Environmental Education h) Guidance and  Counselling i) Value Education and Human Rights j) Special Education   k)  Educational Technology   l) Science Education   m) Language Education

(C)  Field-Based Dissertation and Viva-Voce (Compulsory):                                200

Evaluation of Dissertation:       150      :        (External + Internal)

Viva-Voce                        :             50        :        (External + Internal)

Internships and Practice Teaching:

Keeping those students in mind who just need that initial motivation to jump into practical work we have especially designed courses and to give them that extra support we offer different types of internship courses.

1. Pre – Practice Teaching                                                                                                     : 30 Days

(Peer teaching, Peer Assessment, Demonstration Teaching)

2. Practice Teaching in the form of block – teaching                                                    : 30 Days

3. Supervising Internship for B.Ed by M.Ed Students                                                   : 30 Days

For further details please contact to our college office.

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